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About Rach

Rach Pte Ltd is an audiotext/telecommunications company incorporated in Singapore August 2003. We are a premier IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and SMS (Short Message Service) service provider. All our services are developed to deliver superb performance and services that will delight all individuals out there. We are confident to expand our innovative capabilities and quality programming into our oncoming services.

Our Vision
Rach's vision is to be a worldwide leading provider of audiotext and telecommunications services with the largest database of customers and markets.

Our Mission
  • To provide customers with innovative solutions to meet their needs and wants
  • To create value for our partners, placing their interest in our greatest priority
  • To develop a challenging career in a nurturing environment for our staffs.

Our strength
  • Our partner is the person who wrote IVR programs for over 90% of the IVR service providers in Singapore. In another words, over 90% of the IVR service providers in Singapore are using our programs.
  • We are holding prepaid license with a Banker's Guarantee of $100,000, and we are the only IVR service provider with such license.
  • We have strong regional contacts and partners in Malaysia and Indonesia. We are able to set up an IVR Company in these countries in one-month time.
  • Unlike other IVR service providers, we are able to introduce new services into the market in a matter of days.
  • We have a 24-hr call center of 40 strong at present and still expanding (towards the size of 60). This in turn, makes customer service an ease. We will also be monitoring the system to ensure that it's in good working condition.
  • We have a dedicated server with a 99.9% uptime, which can hold up to an increasing average of 2000 calls per day.

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