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How does it work?
  • Advertisers can capture media content using their 3G mobile in a simple manner similar to just making a phone call.
  • Consumers will not have to pay premium prices, only charges similar to local airtime calls.
  • No hassles of installing any software or updates. The system will have interactive menu selection which is similar to the market's current IVR system that most companies are using.
  • Utilizing a management portal which will be straightforward and zero hassle for advertisers, they can upload up to 9 contents per DDI number.
  • For the consumer viewing the advertisement will just as easy as making a phone call to an advertised DDI number.
  • This will be a breakthrough as all mobile advertising media in the current market other than the traditional SMS requires a download or installation of software which does not encourage consumer utilization.

What else I need to know?
The service will be charged at SGD39.90/month for one user for the most basic plan. The following will be included.
  • Dedicated DDI for each customer
  • Up to 9 content allocations for 1 DDI
  • 3 concurrent callers per DDI. Additional SGD30 for 3 channel block.
  • 3G Admin management portal for advertiser to capture and upload their content
  • Email reminder for account status

I have a some feedback.
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